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I specialize in Human Capital Management and have worked in management and senior management roles across the HR spectrum in various industries ranging from Oil and Gas, Mining to FMCG. I love sharing my knowledge and learnings with others and helping them to be successful and fulfilled in their careers. Currently I am completing my MBA and enjoy interacting with students and business leaders from across the globe. With an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, I love pursuing new and creative ideas and follow business and thought leaders like Simon Sinek, and Liz Wiseman.

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18 February 2018 | 22:30

Category | Business

Career Choices

Sometimes in our lives we are at a cross roads when it comes to our career and aspirations. Should you move out of your current role, should you apply for a new position with a different company, should you quit the corporate world and start your own business? When we are faced with these choices it becomes difficult to stay objective and look past the present and we often feel overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. So I thought to design an easy toolkit for you to assist in objectively reviewing your choices and the possible impact on your life.

All you have to do is truthfully answer the following questions:

  1. What will the new role/career choice/entrepreneurial opportunity bring to my life?
  2. What will the financial impact be i.e. increase in salary, improved retirement benefits, share options or impact of my savings of I invest in my new company/business venture?
  3. What will the time impact be on my current priorities outside work i.e family, marriage, kids, community involvement, sports commitments, and spiritual commitments?
  4. What new skills and competencies will I learn from the new opportunity?
  5. What will I lose from taking the new opportunity?
  6. What will I lose from not taking this opportunity?
  7. Will this opportunity present itself again in the near future if I do not take it?

Once you have all your answers written down, review it, sleep on it, and add to it as you think about it some more. Often all we need is some clear questions, introspection and objective information to provide us with an answer to what we are struggling with. Making a career decision is not easy, as it impacts every other area of our life as well. So be sure to carefully review the positives and negatives of the choices that you are faced with. The last piece of advice is to always trust your instincts. That little voice in your head that we often try to ignore. We sometimes already know what we should do. All we need is a little bit of encouragement, a touch of bravery, and the wisdom to know when to go for it, and when to stay a little longer.

Warmest Regards,


18 January 2018 | 20:05

Category | Business

Comfort Zone: “a settled method of working that requires very little effort and yield only barely acceptable results”.

How many of us have found ourselves stuck in a comfort zone? Now for many people, being in a comfort zone is good, it provides security, stability, familiarity. However as long as we are in a comfort zone, we will never be able to move away from the familiar, we will never challenge ourselves, we will never find out if we are capable of more and we will never improve. I don’t know about you guys, but I can hear warning bells going off inside my head. Never improving? Only doing the minimum because your job has become so easy you can do it with your eyes closed, one hand tied? No! We are capable of so much more!

They say that the quickest way to challenge yourself and to grow, is to do something that really scares you! For some people that means speaking in public. So I say, go and give a speech somewhere – be it at a wedding or at school. Or volunteer to do the next presentation at your team meeting. For others it might be going for an interview, so start with some research, review interview questions, ask a couple of friends to do a role play interview with you, dust off your CV and apply! Your fear of going for an interview might be the only obstacle standing between you and that management job you have been aspiring to.

Remember if you do not change anything the outcome will always be the same.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will allow you to embrace risk, and to create a space for personal growth. We are living in a world where change has become the new normal. We have to be agile, and highly adaptive in order to keep up with the changes that is happening all around us on a continuous basis. Stepping outside of our comfort zones allows us to create resilience when dealing with uncertainty and change – a much needed skill in your arsenal in the 21st century world of work.

So let’s encourage each other to continuously make a step stage in our personal growth, continuously challenge our own limitations by stepping out of our comfort zones, thereby ensuring that our unlimited potential is ultimately realized in tangible results.

Warmest Regards,


2 January 2018 | 14:21pm

Category | Business

Work/Life Balance

Since my return from a sabbatical back to the corporate world, the biggest change that I have noticed is the lack of work/life balance most people tend to have. While an eight hour work day is the norm, most professionals tend to work on average 10 – 12 hours a day. An hour overtime is the accepted standard, and then a substantial amount of time at home periodically checking emails, responding to it whether it’s outside business hours or not, working on reports or a presentation for the next day – and this does not even take into account a commute home of about 30 minutes or more. That leaves a really limited amount of time for family, spouses, recreational activities, exercise and time to re-energize and really be present.

My biggest concern is that when we don’t have a balanced approach to life, all the inter-dependent parts start to go out of kilter. Your marriage, children, health, spiritual life, somewhere along the line one of these or more begin to wither away. To compound this is the fact that we are far less innovative and fulfilled in our work when we are running on a treadmill with no pause for reflection.

So ask yourself this: Are you spending enough time on the right things? The things that matter? The things that keep you going, that fulfills you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Do you plan your day properly? Have you done an audit recently on how much time you spent on activities that are time wasters? Do you understand who you are holistically, outside of work? Work should never define who and what you are, similarly it should never be your life, only a part of it.

So create enough spaces in your life to ensure that everything is in balance. Balance is not about better time management, but better boundary management. If you know what you are worth and work hard at what you do, chances are that your boss has already seen that. By consistently delivering, the need to be seen that you are working overtime, or responding to that email that pops into your inbox at 10pm, becomes irrelevant and unnecessary. The leaders of tomorrow are those that know how to be productive, not busy. They are output driven. They understand the value of time – and that it is your most precious commodity.

Warmest Regards,


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