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Welcome to my blog where I share some of my daily experiences, laughs, memories, business advice, style and inspiration with you. I am also a photographer who loves capturing beautiful and authentic moments with people from all walks of life. For me photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of engaging. Someone once said that photography takes a moment in time, freezes it, and reveals how truly rich the reality of that moment was. I see this the most in the unguarded, carefree moments loved ones have with each other. A stolen kiss, a subtle glimpse, a look of pure love. Life for me is about giving back, and if we can create a little bit of light in even one person’s life for a short while, well, we would have done a truly great thing I say.

So let us continue sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other. I hope that you will enjoy the time spent on my blog and will find a bit of sunshine along the way. And remember, God wants us to be the best version of ourselves, so don't ever let thoughts of inadequacy hold you back. You are beautiful, you are unique, you are enough.

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Welcome to my latest Blog....

19 February 2018 | 22:00pm

Category | Lifestyle

Somewhere over the Rainbow!

My mum remarried this past weekend. After 23 years of being on her own, devoting her life to her career and her 3 kids she found her happily ever after with her Prince Charming. To say that it was emotional seems an understatement to me. You see, this lady is the bravest, most determined, (or stubborn, depends on your point of view ☺) most hard working person I know. She decided long ago that education was the key to ensuring that my younger sister and brother and I rose above our circumstances. She drilled us! She berated us! She loved us. She was as strict as anything, man she could give you a good spanking back in the day, and those looks!

Above all, she taught us how to be thankful, ever faithful, and God-fearing. So as I said before, it was an emotional day. To see her find her happy ending, to see the love between her and her husband, was truly amazing. It was not easy to let her go, of course. After 23 years of having her all to ourselves, it was more than a little hard. But we were ready, and yes, all three her kids could not wait for her to ride off into the sunset. She had the most stunning wedding in the forest on a wine estate in Stellenbosch, and she was as beautiful as a bride could be. Our 3 children were super excited to be part of their Grandma’s big day, and these memories we will treasure forever! Oh yes, did I mention she is turning 60 in less than a month? (I hope those good genes follow me! ☺)

I don’t think as kids we will ever forget the memories she created for us as a little family. The once a month Friday Wimpy visits after school, the Christmas Eve Gatherings at our house in Filda Makriel, the laughter and joy when she was cooking for us in her little kitchen. My sister said in her speech at the wedding that we were the 4 musketeers. And yes we were. I can tell you, it was not always easy for my mum to raise us on her own, but she did it, and she can be proud of what she accomplished.

So mum, here is to you finding your happily ever after. And for those that don’t believe, I can tell you this… Somewhere over the Rainbow, dreams do come true.

Love you mum with all our hearts.

Dad, welcome to the family!



19 February 2018 | 22:00pm

Category | Lifestyle

Beach days with the girls!

Our girls love going to the beach (just like their mom of course!) and Saturday was no exception. With long summer days and the beach about a mere 20 minute drive from where we stay, it is always a sure way to keep the kids occupied and have some physical activity as well instead of watching endless TV (which we try and limit as much as possible).

Isabella and Daniella both received their first body surfing boards over Christmas, and loved it. As I watched them heading into the waves with pure excitement, I marveled at how fearless they were in their first couple of attempts. At that moment I experienced immense pride, and thought how amazing it would be if we as adults also retained that fearlessness – despite what life has thrown at us over the years.

Life has a way of knocking us around, and humbling us on a regular basis. I know, I have been there countless times. It is tough to go running towards those waves knowing you might get knocked down again, but man should we run none the less! The excitement and pride on my girls’ faces when they caught their first wave was immense! It reminded me that we should always go for that wave, despite our fears, and inherent insecurities. Who knows, we might just catch it and ride it all the way!

Happy beach days!



18 February 2018 | 22:30

Category | Business

Career Choices

Sometimes in our lives we are at a cross roads when it comes to our career and aspirations. Should you move out of your current role, should you apply for a new position with a different company, should you quit the corporate world and start your own business? When we are faced with these choices it becomes difficult to stay objective and look past the present and we often feel overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. So I thought to design an easy toolkit for you to assist in objectively reviewing your choices and the possible impact on your life.

All you have to do is truthfully answer the following questions:

  1. What will the new role/career choice/entrepreneurial opportunity bring to my life?
  2. What will the financial impact be i.e. increase in salary, improved retirement benefits, share options or impact of my savings of I invest in my new company/business venture?
  3. What will the time impact be on my current priorities outside work i.e family, marriage, kids, community involvement, sports commitments, and spiritual commitments?
  4. What new skills and competencies will I learn from the new opportunity?
  5. What will I lose from taking the new opportunity?
  6. What will I lose from not taking this opportunity?
  7. Will this opportunity present itself again in the near future if I do not take it?

Once you have all your answers written down, review it, sleep on it, and add to it as you think about it some more. Often all we need is some clear questions, introspection and objective information to provide us with an answer to what we are struggling with. Making a career decision is not easy, as it impacts every other area of our life as well. So be sure to carefully review the positives and negatives of the choices that you are faced with. The last piece of advice is to always trust your instincts. That little voice in your head that we often try to ignore. We sometimes already know what we should do. All we need is a little bit of encouragement, a touch of bravery, and the wisdom to know when to go for it, and when to stay a little longer.

Warmest Regards,


16 February 2018 | 20:22pm

Category | Motivate | Inspire

What type of garden does your life represent?

Our garden in front of our house is an absolute disaster. If you do not believe me, have a look at the pictures below. You see, we are having some challenges with a persistent water drought that has been facing our Western Cape Province here in South Africa, and as a result all citizens have to adhere to strict water restrictions, and rightly so. Gardens – not being a priority under the new restrictions, are facing a hard time and many of my neighbors have started to overhaul their garden to include more desert type landscaping designs and plants that can withstand dry climates with little water. I thought it is high time that I do the same, and so with very little experience and low expectations, I got my tools out (gardening gloves, sunhat, and garden spade) and proceeded to see if I can make heads or tails out of my challenge.

As I was working for the next hour or so, pulling out weeds, sitting on my knees in the ground, getting scrapes from some of the new cactus plants that I was trying to embed in the earth beneath me, I thought how often our life’s look like my garden. Wild, overgrown, no direction, and with not enough water to sustain us. It is hard when we are faced with that picture, and often time we just cannot seem to find our way clear of all the weeds, and the dead plants around us. The only way to get out, is to start cutting those weeds. But what do those weeds represent? People and things that contribute no value to our lives. And we all have them at some point or other. They only bring negative energy, and fill your space with useless clutter, jealousy, impure intentions, and judgmental attitudes.

The first step to a fresh start, is to recognize that there are weeds that need removal, or some plants that need pruning. The second step is to ensure that we fill the space that is left behind, with people and experiences – not things, that will add value to our lives, that will build us up, that will grow with us, that will co-create a view of our life’s that is not only beautiful to look at, but have roots so deep that it can draw from an unlimited well of water below the surfaces of the earth to sustain us.

What does your garden look like today?



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